1: What for this calculator?

use this calculator to predict the profitability of your particular product and to find the break even in the case you want to apply the discount. Break even is the number of units you need to sell to cover costs.

2: Time frame

The calculation data are taken over the past 30 days.

3: The calculation formula

The calculator estimates the break even by defining discount sales and non-discount sales. Non-discount sales are remaining as they were in previous periods. And Discount Sales are calculated by dividing the total other costs (fixed costs) associated with producing your product by the sales price per unit minus the total variable costs per unit. Required extra profit adds up to other costs for calculations. If you're not satisfied with the results, you can adjust sales using Usage limits.

4: Quantities sold

physical products, digital goods, or services that were sold during a given period.

5: Cost per unit

these are the variable costs that are involved in selling a product to customers: the cost of materials for the product or the purchase cost, labor costs, commissions and fees, shipping.

6: Net Profit per unit

indicates the profitability of a product. It's the result of subtracting the cost per unit from the price. To get the ratio, we're dividing the resulting number into the prices.

7: Cost of goods sold

These are the total variable costs of all goods sold.

8: Other costs

they are the Fixed costs. It's difficult to allocate all fixed costs to a particular product. To simplify things, we've renamed them to Other Costs, and you can now add in special costs such as Promotion costs.

Promotion costs are the costs that you're carrying to promote a discount on social media, email, and landing pages.

9: Profit

Gross Profit = (Total Sales – Total Costs of Goods Sold)

10: Increase profit

this is the percent on which you want to increase your current profit. Desired profit growth is the end result after applying discounts.

11: New Price

Adjusted Discount Price.

12: Sales

the value of sold goods: product price x quantity (before taxes, shipping, discounts, and returns).